Technical Sessions

Creating What’s Next

As a technical expert, you’re in the business of creating what’s next. The Teradata PARTNERS Conference is the premier event for technical professionals who want to stay on top of new tools and emerging technologies that impact the work they do every day and inspire them to create the future.

Customer Led, Driven by You

Powerful Strategies

  • Discover how technology leaders are using big data and analytics to make their organizations more efficient
  • Connect with the most brilliant minds in your industry at numerous networking events where you can share challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • See how the latest mobile digitization integration tools are being applied to transform the customer experience

Practical Skills

  • Hands-on training opportunities give technical professionals the ability to explore, test, and question new tools and technologies
  • See how you can apply real-time and advanced analytics to solve challenges at your organization
  • Get up to speed on leading-edge technologies in results-driven sessions that share customer case studies featuring real data and results

Sample Topics and Sessions

Big Data Architecture | Cloud/On-Premises Computing and Cloud Analytics | Cyber Security | Development Practices and Methodologies | Hadoop | Internet of Things | Mobile-Digitization Integration | Real-Time and Advanced Analytics | Teradata™ and Teradata Aster™ Technology | Text and Predictive Analytics


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