Service Focus Team (SFT)

The Service Focus Team is a committee of the PARTNERS User Group that works closely with Teradata on issues related to support services and other areas that fall beyond the scope of product enhancements. Members represent the concerns of Teradata customers by serving as catalysts for service improvements, providing ongoing feedback to Teradata and the PARTNERS Steering Committee.

To serve as a conduit to Teradata regarding service-related issues for Teradata customers by seeking objective solutions to their concerns.

The scope of the SFT's responsibilities are service-related areas that include, but may not be limited to, the following: Local/Remote Support, Hardware/Software Quality, Professional Services, Product Management, Sales Support, Customer Training, Documentation, Product Ordering, and other areas deemed appropriate by the Partners Steering Committee.

  • Identify service issues or gaps in processes that affect customer services and support
  • Distinguish between issues that are global in nature and those specific to an account or region
  • Escalate customer-specific problems and issues when appropriate
  • Represent the concerns of Teradata data warehousing customers

Teradata customers can request additional support by submitting a Service Focus Statement. The Service Focus Team either approves or rejects the submitted statement, based on whether or not the Service Focus Team can help the customer. If the Service Focus Team accepts a Service Focus Statement, the team works with the customer to resolve the critical issues.

Service Focus Statement Form

Service Focus Team Members

PHILIP FOUTTY, Chairperson

Database Engineer Executive Advisor
Anthem, Inc.

Philip Foutty is the Teradata DBA Team Lead at Anthem, Inc. and has worked at Anthem for 9 years. Phil focuses mainly on System Performance, Workload Management, Viewpoint Administration and Capacity Planning for eight Teradata servers. Phil has been working with Teradata and Data Warehousing for over 12 years and is a Certified Teradata 14 Master. Phil has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information System with a specialization in Database Management and a Master's Degree in Information Systems Management.

JOANNE ERCEG, Vice Chairperson

Senior Member of Technical Staff
eBay, Inc.

Joanne Erceg is the Team Leader and Principal Performance Analyst for eBay Analytics Infrastructure Services Operations group for Teradata Data Warehouse. Before joining eBay in 2008, she was with Teradata/NCR for 37 years, and is best known as the principal author of Best Practices for Teradata Performance Management and manager of the Performance Center of Excellence for Teradata Global Support. Now focusing on how to take field best practices to the next level in her role at eBay, she continues to work performance areas but has expanded into other areas such as security and physical data architecture.


Data Warehouse Specialist
Royal Bank of Canada

Ahmed Amin is the Lead Teradata Platform Database Administrator at Royal Bank of Canada. He has over 10 years of experience supporting complex database and data warehouse platforms. He has a proven record of implementing and supporting performance, data replication, data mover, BAR technologies and infrastructural setup of analytics systems such as Aster and Hadoop. His prior experience includes working with financial, telecommunication and healthcare industries around the globe.


Database Administrator
Wells Fargo

Mark Andrews has an extensive background in supporting Teradata systems from the original DBC1012 to the Enterprise classes and Appliances of today. Over the years, he has worked at several major corporations including Coke, Delta, Macy’s, and currently Wells Fargo as a Database and System Administrator. In addition, his most recent experience at Wells Fargo includes supporting Aster since 2012.


Sr. Managing Architect
The Home Depot

Claybourne Barrineau is a Teradata Certified Master with 20 years of experience working with Teradata at The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and The Home Depot. Claybourne has worked as an Application DBA, Architect, and Managing Architect with responsibilities covering workload management, query optimization, defining and auditing development best practices, operational support and stability, incident management, and management of the Teradata DBA team. Claybourne also served a total of 10 years as a customer representative of the Teradata Product Advisory Council prior to joining the Teradata Service Focus Team.


Database Administration Lead

Chuck Ehrstine is Database Administration Lead in the Global Enterprise Information Systems (GEIS) department at LexisNexis. His Teradata responsibilities include Global Business Intelligence (GBI) performance, workload management (TASM) and managing the infrastructure of Teradata and BAR hardware. LexisNexis’ Teradata servers are on both Business Critical and Premier support levels. Chuck is currently leading the implementation of an EDW Disaster Recovery system and upgrading GBI to Teradata V14.10. He has been working with Teradata for 15 years, is a Certified Teradata Master, and the primary contact between LexisNexis and Teradata.


DBA Team Leader

Vinod leads the DBA and Physical Data Modeler team in the PayPal Data Technology group and has been with PayPal since 2008. Prior to joining PayPal, Vinod worked at Dell for 10 years where he was one of core engineers involved in full cycle implementation of Teradata. Vinod's areas of interest includes database security, capacity management, workload and performance tuning, and solving analytical problems.


Global Head of EC Service for Data Warehouse & Data Transport
Morgan Stanley

Ruchi Girdonia heads the Enterprise Computing Service organization at Morgan Stanley for Teradata, Greenplum, MQ and Autosys plants. She has been with Morgan Stanley since 2009. Ruchi has over 17 years of overall experience in the fields of Data Warehousing and Data Security in delivery and operational roles. She has managed development and production support of enterprise data warehouse, supporting and optimizing scheduled ETL processes into EDW as well as implementation of large scale enterprise projects.


Head of BI Operations
Maersk Line

Mark leads the BI Operations group at Maersk. He is a Teradata Certified Professional and has spent the last 8 years managing Teradata operations and administration, first at Nokia and now at Maersk. Mark’s teams cover all operational aspects of the Teradata systems including performance management, capacity planning, workload management, environment planning, deployments, security, BAR, upgrades, etc. He is responsible for daily ETL, ETL support, and data platforms including Aster and a Cloudera Hadoop Appliance. He is also a certified ITIL expert.


VP, Consultant II
Bank of America

Shelley Perrior is a certified Teradata master with over 14 years of experience with Teradata system management, performance, backup and restore, application support and database administration at 4 different customers. Shelley is currently a VP at Bank of America, supporting 11 different systems which span more than 2.1 petabytes of customer data space and service nearly 3000 users. Her current role includes every aspect of the Teradata environment including workload management, performance monitoring, access and control, application delivery, data movement, backup and recovery, release management, incident management, product placement, and mainframe integration. Shelley has performed beta tests of new software releases, attended the Teradata PARTNERS User group every year for more than 10 years and has been a member of the Service Focus Team for 2 terms including serving as chairperson of the team.


Associate Director

Malcolm Rausch has been with Verizon and its affiliates since 1995. He currently has the responsibility of managing the Business Intelligence infrastructure teams. He has managed the Teradata team since 2004 and the Big Data team since 2013. His team supports all hardware environments for Teradata and Big Data for Verizon. His team's roles include capacity planning, system placement, hardware and software upgrades, performance monitoring and tuning, and backup and recovery.


BI Architect, Enterprise BI Team
SCANA Corporation

Anna’s background includes over 20 years of IT and Programming in the Utility Industry related Applications at SCANA Corporation. Working with various IT teams and Business Units, she has supported both business and operations across multiple areas with a high focus on Customer Information Systems, Analysis and Design. As a member of SCANA’s Enterprise BI Team spanning over 16 years, she frequently works closely with internal customers supporting everything from SQL or various data retrieval tools and application training to designing new source and target structures for long term information gathering, analysis and archival. Anna’s primary roles have been Lead Technical Expert, Systems Designer, Data Administrator, Data Architect and primary Teradata DBA for SCANA’s Corporate Data Warehousing and Reporting Systems. She has worked with Data Warehousing and reporting tools since these concepts were introduced to SCANA IT as early as 1998 and with Teradata systems since 2000. Anna is also a Teradata Certified Professional.


Advisor, Analytic Platforms
Delta Air Lines

Alicia Sasser is the Advisor of Analytic Platforms at Delta Air Lines. She is responsible for the roadmap and strategic vision of the analytic database platforms. She has 16 years of Teradata experience, including roles as Database Administrator, Data Architect, and Development Lead across a variety of industries. Prior to her role at Delta, Alicia spent 10 years as the Principal Database Administrator and Field Data Architect at Airlines Reporting Corporation.


Director of EDW Operations

Daniel is a certified Teradata professional with 14 years of IT experience and over 8 years working with Teradata data warehouse in the online retail industry. He is currently responsible for managing an industry-leading, award-winning enterprise data warehouse implementation including over 2,000 data integration processes, modern and legacy data models of 75 TB, advanced analytics, enterprise reporting and digital marketing. Additionally he acts as a subject matter expert in infrastructure and architecture strategy and ensures processes, procedures, systems and staff are in alignment with overall company and IT organization goals and vision. Daniel has an advanced understanding of BI and data warehousing industry best practices including data science discovery initiatives, data modeling and overall data warehouse engineering and architecture activities from building new data models to query optimization.


Manager, Hadoop & Aster Support
Teradata Global Support Organization

Tim Clarke is the Teradata Global Support Organization Manager for Aster and Hadoop Support. He has been with Teradata for 19 years working in Engineering, Product Management, Teradata and Aster Pre-Sales (Solution Architect), Critical Support Office and now Global Customer Support. Tim has a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy and served as a Helicopter Pilot, Trainer and Information Professional Officer.


Program Manager
Teradata Customer Services

Jean Cline is the Executive Liaison for the Service Focus Team. Since joining Teradata, she has led several Teradata Customer Services initiatives. Most recently, she led the Teradata Global Support Center Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Certification efforts. Jean has more than 15 years management experience and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.


Team Member, Services Architecture
Teradata Customer Services

Brad is a member of the Teradata Services Architecture Team with responsibilities to define the processes and procedures utilized by the Teradata Customer Services Organization He started with Teradata in 1987 and has worked in many different areas. While at Teradata he has spent time in Manufacturing (both technical and management roles), Engineering Support, System Test and Validation (management role), Product Engineering (developer), Global Support Center, Field Support, and for the past ~6 years has been in the Services Architecture team.


Area Vice President
Teradata Americas Customer Services

Paul Shingledecker is Area Vice President, Americas Customer Services, responsible for sales and end-to-end service delivery to accounts in the Eastern U.S./Canada. Paul has over 27 years experience in the IT industry with the last 10 years in Teradata Customer Services serving as a Support Services Manager for Bank of America, Area Operations Director and AVP for the East/Canada. Prior to joining the Americas Customer Services team, Paul held various consulting, marketing, finance and management positions at NCR, MAP Software, Whittman-Hart and Teradata. Paul is a Teradata Certified Professional with a record of success in data warehouse consulting services, life cycle support and IT operations management.


Director, Teradata Database/Unity
Teradata Global Support Organization

Vigen is a Director in the Teradata Global Support Organization. He has responsibility for worldwide proactive and reactive customer support for the Teradata Database and Teradata Unity products. Vigen has over 27 years’ experience at Teradata/NCR Corporation. Prior to his current role, Vigen managed the Hardware, Server Management, PDE/OS, and BAR teams in the Global Support Organization. He has held several other leadership positions across multiple disciplines over his career at Teradata.

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