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From Big Data to Big Business

Whether you’re a data scientist, marketing specialist, technical consultant, or C-suite executive, there is a session at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference designed just for you. With 200+ sessions to choose from, you can get real-world advice and case studies from practitioners and technical experts who are leading the way in big data and analytics. Learn how to apply their tactics and strategies to fuel your own success.


Selected by a panel of leading executive and thought leaders, PARTNERS sessions are renowned for their unmatched mix of business, technical and data science applications, sure to be of interest to a wide range of professionals working in a variety of industries.


  • Answers to today's disruptions caused by advanced analytics
  • Insight into the Internet of Things and sensor data
  • Best practices for cybersecurity, privacy, and governance
  • Paths to real-time, advanced, and predictive analytics
  • Strategies and frameworks to apply data in ways that produce better outcomes for your company or organization

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