Teradata PARTNERS Conference is the premier, customer-led global data and analytics conference for innovators and industry experts looking to extract more value from data. This annual event connects the brightest minds from top organizations around the world, offering unmatched insights and unprecedented access to experts, learning, and networking. These visionaries represent top brands and thought leaders changing the world. They will gather at PARTNERS October 22-26, 2017 in Anaheim, CA, for a week of inspiration, insight and collaboration with a single mission; to advance business, life and humanity forward with the power of data and analytics.

Partners Steering Committee (PSC)

The Partners Steering Committee (PSC) represents the interest of and acts on behalf of PARTNERS. The PSC and its Executive Committee are responsible for conducting the annual Teradata PARTNERS Conference. The PSC is comprised of both customer and Teradata representatives. PSC members communicate via monthly conference calls, participate in various conference related work groups, and attend two face-to-face planning sessions per year.

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Teradata Advisory Groups

The PAC represents the voice of the customer and works closely with Teradata to gather customer requirements—both short- and long-term—to address key product and service issues. The PAC also facilitates a comprehensive product and service enhancement request (ER) process, which equitably represents the entire customer base.

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The Customer Management Product Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of existing customers who provide input to Teradata on product strategy and development for Teradata’s Customer Management Applications (e.g., Customer Interaction Manager and Real-Time Interaction Manager) plus their integration with other Teradata and partner solutions.

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The Teradata Aster Product Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of existing customers who provide input to Teradata on the product direction for the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform along with other related Teradata products and platforms.

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The SFT works closely with Teradata on key issues regarding support services and other areas that fall beyond the scope of product enhancements. The SFT represents the concerns of Teradata customers and gathers feedback to make service improvements.

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The UDA PAC represents the valuable voice of the customer, providing client questions, suggestions, and concerns directly to the Teradata Labs team. UDA PAC acts as a conduit to make the customers heard as a unified group with a vested interest in direction, functionality, and services.

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How to Join Partnership Opportunities

The Teradata PARTNERS User Group offers a variety of opportunities for involvement and leadership within the analytic data practitioners community. The Partners Steering Committee, Product Advisory Council, Service Focus Team, Teradata Aster PAC, and the Unified Data Architecture PAC are always seeking interested and qualified individuals wishing to contribute their time and knowledge.

If the advisory groups do not have membership openings at the time you submit your application, your information will remain on file for consideration when there is an opening. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

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