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Meet-Ups: Meaningful Discussions and Connections(No death by PowerPoint – we promise!)

Our new Meet-Up sessions on Tuesday, October 24 connects a small group with a subject matter expert who will facilitate a meaningful discussion. No lectures, no death by PowerPoint, just interactive discussion! Come prepared to ask questions and engage with your peers. Meet-Up sessions are limited to the first 15 people to pre-register for the session.

Pre-registration is required through the general conference registration.

Seating is limited! Register today!

Select From Over a Dozen SessionsAll meet-ups occur on Tuesday, October 24 from 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Session #328
A Customer Journey on Air Canada
Session #423
Data Science Enabled Digital Experience & Operational Excellence
Session #451
Multi Genre Analytics - Multiply Your Predictive Power
Session #414
Cloud TCO: Calculating Teradata’s Business Value in the Cloud
Session #130
Deploying the Teradata Database in Your Private Cloud
Session #376
Recommendations: A Winning Formula for Personalized Customer Experience
Session #359
Comcast's Success Story Using QueryGrid Presto
Session #404
Hybrid Cloud: Understanding Teradata’s Many Cloud Consumption Options
Session #645
The Fog of Analytics Wars: Clearing the Confusion on ML, DL, AI, and More
Session #542
Data Science and the Privacy Paradox
Session #459
Market Penetration and Exposure Tracking with Geospatial
Session #292
World Class Analytics: What Analytic Leaders are Doing

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