Enhancement Requests

Enhancement Requests

The following describes how the Enhancement Requests (ERs) are reviewed by the PAC. This process is supported by the PARTNERS Product Advisory Council (PAC) and Teradata.

ERs are submitted to the PAC using the form below. After an ER is submitted, it will automatically be assigned a temporary ID number and a confirmation email will be sent to the submitter.

The PAC, with discussion with Teradata, will review all submitted ERs on a monthly basis.

The PAC determines the validity of each ER submitted. If appropriate, the PAC makes a recommendation to Teradata to include the ER in their future planning.

Each ER will be dispositioned as one of the following:

  • Accepted
  • Duplicate
  • Rejected

If the ER is accepted, it will be assigned an official ER number. The submitter will need to log into the ER website to check the disposition of the ER. The PAC provides feedback to Teradata on the product direction for the Teradata Database along with related products and platforms.

At least once a year, the PAC and Teradata will assess and discuss the status of the accepted ERs. The PAC prioritizes a top 10 ER list to Teradata. Teradata will advise the PAC on the progress of the ERs.

Enhancement Request Form

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