Business Sessions

The Business of Next

As a business leader, it’s critical that you stay on top of what’s next in your industry: the next trend, the next tool, the next technology. The Teradata PARTNERS Conference equips you with the insights you need to lead your organization to a more profitable future.

Glean Insights to Extract More Value

Powerful Strategies

  • Find out how leading brands are using data and analytics to improve ROI, drive down business costs, create smart products, and build more intuitive customer experiences
  • Get real-world solutions from innovative leaders who are able to steer their companies ahead of continuous disruptions
  • Connect with the most brilliant minds in your industry at numerous networking events where you can share challenges and brainstorm solutions

Practical Skills

  • Increase customer engagement and drive sales by applying solutions shared by top leaders
  • Improve business productivity with access to unique insights on how to use data and analytics to
  • Define and refine your company’s data governance strategy with advice from experts in data integrity and security

Sample Topics and Sessions

BI Technologies | Big Data vs. BI | Business Productivity | Cyber Security | Data Governance | Data Visualization | Futures | Internet of Things | Marketing/CRM | Real-Time, Advanced Analytics


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