Aug 19, 2016 Welcome to the Buzz Lounge

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You’re Never Too Old for Recess

The energy in the space is electric. Eyes light up, creative conversations spark, dynamic people connect, and possibility whizzes through the air. This is the Buzz Lounge: a technological playground and essential recess for the data-driven dreamers attending Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016.


Customers Take the Wheel

For a singular event experience, Teradata takes the backseat and hands the wheel to their customers. PARTNERS is fueled by sharing innovative customer success videos and the real-world applications of data tools and technology. Rather than burying attendees in sales pitches, it recharges and electrifies them with a future filled with data-driven possibilities.


Spark New Connections

Networking is natural when you’re surrounded by peers and shared experiences—and an environment designed for that purpose makes it that much easier. An oasis of inspiration amid the four-story Georgia World Congress Center, the Buzz Lounge centralizes the shared stories of PARTNERS and fosters a fun and casual atmosphere. Attendees can watch live interviews with data scientists, industry leaders, and customers at the News Desk or add their voices to the social media board in real time via their posts and photos. With a relaxed seating area surrounded by an interactive art installation, it is the ideal place to strike up conversations or decompress in between sessions.


Step into the Virtual World

The Buzz Lounge’s true showstopper is the exhilarating technology on display. At the virtual reality gaming hub, it’s always time to play. Attendees can put on a headset and step into a virtual reality world where they can shoot adorable bad guys with arrows, knock down a fortress, or build a robot. Game gurus are on standby to teach players the ropes and guide them through the virtual reality experience. After a game or two with new friends, players can trade virtual for augmented reality. By using their phones and tablets to move through displays, they can access customer success videos and Teradata narratives in 3D as they hover magically in mid-air. Tech-junkies and newbies alike won’t be able to resist getting into the game.


Register for Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016

At any conference it’s vital to give attendees a stimulating space to synthesize their experiences, forge productive connections, and get motivated to build a brighter future. Whether you’re sharing, networking, or gaming, PARTNERS attendees are always engaged at the Buzz Lounge.

Register for PARTNERS 2016 today to join the community. Together, we can discover and share the power of data to better our businesses, our lives, and our world.


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