Jul 21, 2017 Transformation with a Capital “T”

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PARTNERS Session: Analytics of Things—Changing Your World

“Right now you have an opportunity to fundamentally change the business model of a company and create a very different business, one that is more competitive and compelling. If you don’t do, it someone else will.” From some sources, a statement that bold would be filed in the “heard it all before” basket. But when the source was practicing big data when it was a little thing and Teradata was a startup, has 29 PARTNERS behind him, and more than 120 PARTNERS conference presentations to his credit, you’d be wise to listen—and attend his PARTNERS session: Analytics of Things—Changing Your World.

“Analytics of things is going to change every industry, every company, and our society as a whole. It is going to be crucial for any company in any industry to have—and to become not only capable but really good at it.” – Todd Walter, Chief Technologist, Teradata

That’s precisely the case here. Todd Walter, the “man in the hat” and Chief Technologist for Teradata, believes that the analytics of things will be the most disruptive force that business and society have ever seen, and he’s bringing his findings to Anaheim. “Analytics of things is going to change every industry, every company, and our society as a whole. It is going to be crucial for any company in any industry to have—and to become not only capable but really good at it.” If they don’t have a strong grasp of where they want to go, they “had better get on the stick” according to Todd. In other words, the analytics of things isn’t coming, it’s here.

A Different Way of Thinking

While there are a lot of people talking about these ideas as theories in the not-so-distant future, it can be hard to find those who are actually doing something about it today. Todd, on the other hand, has real-world examples right now. “There’s a company (one you know) that has been very public about using the analytics of things to transform from a capital equipment purchase business model to a capital equipment as a service business model. That’s transformation with a capital ‘T,’ ” he says.

“The majority of the value of the data coming from the ‘thing’ can only be realized when it is combined with the rest of the data of the organization. Combining the more traditional data of the enterprise is necessary in order to derive the value from the data that comes streaming off of the machine.” That’s why Todd has created this session not just for technologists, but for those in business roles as well. “The real transformation occurs when companies move past trying to optimize a specific machine a little bit through some sensor data, and start thinking about how their whole business and business model can change. The fact is that it will probably have to change in the future. We are going to create a whole bunch of new jobs, jobs that are interesting and exciting, ones that we can’t even predict right now.” That, he says, will impact everything and everyone in some way, with broad social implications. It is going to effectively change our world, if you are to believe Todd, and there is very strong evidence to do exactly that.

A Teradata PARTNERS Veteran

To say that Todd has been a regular at PARTNERS is an understatement. Obviously, with his dedication to the event, he finds value here. “I always love PARTNERS for the opportunity to connect with customers. I love having a full room and getting people thinking. I look forward to them coming and finding the hat and interacting with me. I wear my hat and people come find me. It’s my personal branding. Brobst (Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata) has the Hawaiian shirt and I have my hat. I have been developing this session over the last year. It’s been growing and changing organically over the year,” he says. Just like the analytics of things.

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Analytics of Things—Changing Your World

With sensors and IoT, we can measure everything in infinite detail today. Analyzing this detail allows us to create new products, services, and business models. The ability to automate at an unprecedented level based on measurement and analysis creates a whole new set of opportunities. With opportunity comes disruption—the biggest disruption of existing business since the industrial revolution. To realize the opportunities and avoid becoming obsolete requires a business-outcome-led, data-centric and analytic-centric view. We will discuss the strategies and technologies that enable the age of Analytics of Things.

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