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Teradata PARTNERs sessions are selected by a panel of leading executives and thought leaders from across industries and companies. The eclectic makeup of the group ensures that there is something for everyone working with data and analytics. Just like other Teradata customers, they want to know where Teradata is headed, what they’re thinking, and where they stand on various technology paths and other issues. There’s no better place to get that information than directly from the Teradata subject matter experts (SMEs) in their respective areas of expertise. And there’s no better place to get access to that information and SMEs than at PARTNERS.

“I have always felt that PARTNERS had the best combination of breadth and detail.”

Associate Vice President, Customer Insights and Analytics, Nationwide Insurance

Following are just a few of the sessions from Teradata SMEs that you’ll find this year in Anaheim.

Analytics of Things—Changing Your World

Presenter: Todd Walter, Chief Technologist, Teradata

With sensors and IoT, we can measure everything in infinite detail today. Analyzing this detail allows us to create new products, services, and business models. The ability to automate at an unprecedented level based on measurement and analysis creates a whole new set of opportunities. With opportunity comes disruption—the biggest disruption of existing business since the industrial revolution. To realize the opportunities and avoid becoming obsolete requires a business-outcome-led, data-centric and analytic-centric view. We will discuss the strategies and technologies that enable the age of Analytics of Things.

Women in Data Science


  • Michelle Tanco, Data Scientist, Teradata
  • Amy Heinrich, Data Scientist, Teradata
  • Yasmeen Ahmad, Director, Think Big Analytics, a Teradata Company
  • Liza Duffy, Data Scientist, Teradata

Join Teradata Data Scientists on a panel discussion of Women in Data Science. The topics will include how these women got started and followed a path to a career in Data Science, the joys and challenges of being a female Data Scientist in the field, and ideas for mentoring and encouraging girls into Data Science careers. This is a topic meant for everyone who works with or supports women in Data Science!

How to Implement Industrial IoT at Scale

Presenter: Artur Borycki, CTO, Emerging Partner Engineering, Teradata

Internet of Things is becoming widely discussed not only in the case of sensor data, but at the same time the requirements are demanding more scientific analytics at scale—we need to look to several ways how this should be architected. This session will present several examples of how Teradata and customers have implemented IoT-enabled architecture to support all of the requirements from real-time ingestion and communication with Edge systems to analytics at scale. We will also include how we can train and deploy analytical models back to the end user or device.

Sports Analytics Enters the Golden Age

Presenter: Dave Schrader, Sports Analytics Educator, Teradata University Network (TUN)

Sports analytics is a rapidly moving field and many of the business analysis techniques that Teradata customers use apply. The talk will describe:

  • What's happening around the world to collect and analyze data for recruiting, player development, game planning, and injury prevention? How are analytics being used to improve business operations—ticket pricing, sales, and sponsorships?
  • What analytics do pro teams use for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer? How quickly are analytics being adopted at the college level? Who is leading? What are they doing?
  • Which analytic techniques used in business apply to sports? Where are there gaps? What are interesting research problems in sports analytics?
  • How can other parts of any university like the business school, or stats, or computer science departments collaborate with sports programs to provide analytics for teams? What are good first projects to launch? Can we do “Moneyball” projects with Teradata University Network?

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