Jun 26, 2017 The Edge of Next: Meet Top Data Scientists and See Emerging Technology

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Where Can You Hear the Data Scientist of the Year, AND Sessions Featuring the Best Emerging Technology in Big Data? Teradata PARTNERS 2017.

At Computing magazine UK’s annual Big Data and IoT Excellence Awards 2017 in Central London, Teradata came away with two of the biggest awards. Yasmeen Ahmad was named Data Scientist of the Year and Think Big’s Kylo™, was recognized as the Best Emerging Technology in Big Data. What’s even better? You can hear from Ahmad and learn more about Kylo at PARTNERS—both will appear in multiple sessions.

Data Scientist of the Year, Yasmeen Ahmad

Yasmeen is the director of Think Big Analytics at Teradata and a strategic leader in the area of data and analytics consulting. Named one of the top 100 most influential people in data-driven business for competitive advantage in 2017, she holds a PhD in Data Management, Mining and Visualization.

“It’s an honour to be awarded this accolade, particularly considering the calibre of the competition,” Ahmad said. “The breadth of opportunity in the data science field has made my career to date extremely exciting and I feel very fortunate to work with people who constantly inspire me to achieve new things.”

Best Emerging Technology in Big Data, Think Big Kylo

Launched in March of 2017, Think Big has built Kylo™ on eight years of global expertise involving 200+ data lake projects in global banking, telecoms, retail and more. Kylo is a solutions platform for delivering data lakes on Hadoop and Spark. The technology accelerates data lake development in as little as nine weeks, a revelation for organizations that were typically spending six months to a year on build cycles.

“Kylo is a prime example of our strategy to create analytic accelerators that provide customers with immediate business value,” said Rick Farnell, Senior Vice President of Think Big Analytics, a Teradata Company. “Kylo evolved from repeatable frameworks that we developed in our global data science and engineering consulting practices, to what is now an open source initiative that enables both velocity to value and increased adoption of analytics. Using Kylo allows data-driven organizations to deploy data lakes faster, at lower costs, through easy-to-use templates that require minimal engineering.”

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Check out these PARTNERS Sessions with Data Scientist of the Year, Yasmeen Ahmad

Customer Decisioning in the Digital & Mobile Age

The businesses that succeed are helping consumers navigate this complexity by influencing customer journeys and behaviors across multiple channels. This panel session will surprise, challenge and inspire ideas on customer decisioning. Do not miss this lively conversation with marketing experts who will share various research-tested stories and fascinating insights to help you further deliver successful business outcomes.

Presenters: Yasmeen Ahmad, Head of Advanced Analytics UK&I, Teradata; Bill Rand Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University; Andrew Stephen, Professor of Marketing, Saïd Business School, Oxford University; John Deighton, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Recommendations: A Winning Formula for Personalized Customer Experience

Previous PARTNERS participants say they want more time and greater access to subject matter experts to discuss very specific topics. You asked, we listened! This new Meet-Up format connects a very small group with a great subject matter expert who will facilitate a meaningful discussion. No lectures, no death by PowerPoint®, just interactive discussion. Come prepared to ask questions and engage with your peers. Meet-Up sessions are limited to the first 15 people to preregister for the session. Action: Preregistration is required.

Presenters: Ruth Gordon, Director Digital Marketing, Teradata; Yasmeen Ahmad, Head of Advanced Analytics UK&I, Teradata

Check out these PARTNERS Sessions around the Best Emerging Technology in Big Data, Think Big Kylo

Hadoop Data Ingestion with Change Data Capture

One of the biggest Telefonica’s projects in a Hadoop environment is associated with a near- real time data ingestion using CDC (Change Data Capture) with Kylo and some open source language to implement the solution. This solution is being implemented to make possible the execution of Inserts, Updates and Deletes at the Hadoop environment based on the data source changes.

Presenter: Gilsomar Nicolau Resende, Telefônica Brasil

Next-Generation Analytic Platforms: GPU Technology, Hierarchical In-Memory Computing, Open Source, and Cloud Deployments

In this workshop, we will provide guidance for understanding the best business use cases for deploying appropriate advanced platform technologies. Frameworks for incremental deployment of technologies in alignment with their maturity and strategic advantages (and pitfalls) will be discussed.

  • Learn how advances in GPU technologies combined with hierarchical memory systems will provide huge leaps in analytic capabilities for NewSQL execution.
  • Learn how to exploit cloud platforms with the optimal mix of on-premise and off-premise deployment.
  • Learn how open source technologies like Kylo and TensorFlow™ can be used to enhance your analytic ecosystem in the data reservoir.

Presenter: Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata

The WONDER of Analytics

This session provides an overview of how Westpac’s marketing transformation team utilised multiple technologies (Kylo, Hadoop, Teradata Aster) in conjunction with advanced analytics techniques, including Graph Analysis, to deliver an in-depth understanding of customer interactions and experiences within one of their core digital transformation initiatives.

Presenter: Ben Brunckhorst, Head of Marketing Transformation, Westpac

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