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Special Sunday Sessions Go In Depth

Unique learning experiences are a huge part of PARTNERS. The open environments where professionals from around the world share best practices and validate strategies and processes are a big part of what differentiate PARTNERS from other conferences. But for some topics, a regular session doesn’t provide enough time to get the depth that attendees want and need. That’s what we heard, and why for 2017, PARTNERS will include a Master Series, a block of three-hour specialized sessions on Sunday, October 22, 2017, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

The sessions will cover a range of topics, from marketing to artificial intelligence to data architecture to Apache Spark to information about specific Teradata technology. These longer sessions will allow the subject-matter experts presenting to dig into their areas of expertise and provide ample time for questions and discussions. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding and perspectives on the specific topics that they can apply to their organization and career.

Check out the topics and start building your agenda—after you register of course! Note, Sunday sessions won’t be available through the Virtual Conference and will only be available in Anaheim, California.


Master Series Titles

How Do I Get “Near” Zero Upgrade Times

Presenter: Mike Coutts, CTO Quality and Performance Engineering, Teradata

Customer Journey

Presenters: Kathy Koontz, Practice Director - Customer Journey, Teradata; Tony Brown, VP Marketing and Business Development, Customer Management Applications, Teradata

Advanced Practices for Teradata Database System Management

Presenters: Joanne Erceg, eBay; Tom Fastner, CTO Teradata Database, Teradata

Emerging Technology and the Impact on Your Ecosystem

Presenters: Robert Montemurro, Senior Partner - International Architecture COE, Teradata; Ron Bodkin, CTO, Services and Architecture, Teradata

Advanced Analytics

Presenter: Michael Riordan, Data Scientist, Teradata

Teradata Database Architecture Overview

Presenter: Todd Walter, Chief Technologist, Teradata

Deploying Teradata on AWS

Presenter: Ray Newell, Learning Consultant, Teradata

SuperCharge Your Queries Using Spark 2.x

Presenter: Mark Ott, Data Scientist, Teradata

See the Masters Series in the Session Catalog:

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