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Where Like-Minded Professionals Unite to Apply the Power of Data and Analytics

The Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2017 is bringing together the best and brightest minds in data and analytics for five days of inspiring keynotes, informative sessions, and engaging events. Are you ready to discover what's next? Join us!

From sessions to speakers to entertainment, see why PARTNERS is the must-attend conference for thousands of data and analytics business professionals.

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Video Transcript

The middle never reveals anything new.

The familiar won’t lead you forward.

Tomorrow belongs to the bold and the curious.

The relentless disruptors.

Those who stand at the edge of next.

We are the brightest and most innovative minds in data and analytics, partnering with Teradata to power the future of business, to better humanity, and change the world.

Stand with us to learn about today’s best practices and leave with a clear vision of tomorrow.

Are you ready for the edge of next?

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