Aug 19, 2016 The Forces Behind The World's Preeminent Data Conference

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If you’re going to have a customer-led data conference, the most critical element is a passionate customer base.

The PARTNERS Steering Committee

Putting together a conference of this magnitude is a lot of work and would be impossible without dedicated customers. Fortunately, the Teradata PARTNERS User Group is made up of exactly those types of people. They come from across industries and roles to contribute their individual experiences and perspectives to ensure that their peers and colleagues obtain whatever they need to succeed in their data careers.

In large part, it’s that customer focus and breadth of content that differentiates PARTNERS from other data conferences. The people making the decisions on every aspect of the conference are involved daily with the issues and opportunities faced by other customers; they relate to it in a personal way. They’re not dealing with foreign concepts or alternative agendas; they know exactly what’s needed because they’re living it too.

According to Ram Cheeti, VP of Business, Teradata PARTNERS User Group and Sr. Manager of Global BI/EDW Technical Design and Architecture Unilever, “We (the customers that make up the PARTNERS Steering Committee) want this conference to be a one stop shop for all your advanced data analytics and reporting needs. That’s what makes this conference a great thing—it’s more than just Teradata specific technology.”

Giving Back

Mr. Cheeti first attended PARTNERS as a prospect. “I was part of a committee evaluating different technologies and I wanted to understand how others were using that technology to transmit value. During that process, we came across Teradata and the PARTNERS conference. I attended and went to sessions to learn more about what people are doing in the space. It was an enlightening experience.”

From that beginning, Mr. Cheeti knew that he wanted to be involved in a more hands-on way with the conference. “I had been very impressed with the way that PARTNERS had been conducted and the quality of the sessions. I liked that it had the Teradata name, but that it was not 100 percent Teradata focused, or Teradata specific. It was about data technology. I happened to speak to one of the PARTNERS Steering Committee members and he mentioned that they had an opening and that I might be a good candidate. That’s when I decided to join after going through the selection process.”

The 2016 PARTNERS Steering Committee Officers

Vice President, Global Technology - Enterprise Information Solutions

Financial Services Company

Sr. Manager of Global BI/EDW Technical Design and Architecture

Enterprise Information Architect
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

Manager of Enterprise Data Integration
McCain Foods Limited

You can see a complete list of PSC Members here.

Your Turn

Do you want to get involved with one of the most dynamic groups dedicated to technology, data, and analytics in the world? The Teradata PARTNERS User Group has a variety of ways and levels that you can participate. Learn more.

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