Jul 25, 2016 Five Must See Technical Data Sessions at Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016

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You’ll Always Find a Wide-variety of Technical Sessions Available at PARTNERS

PARTNERS began as a group of Teradata users coming together to share and collaborate on how they were using their Teradata solutions to maximize their advantage. Now, more then 30 years later, that principle is still why we come together.

The technology might have changed, but personal reasons for attending are still the same. Because real users have the largest hand in selecting the sessions, it’s no surprise that sessions are the biggest draw to PARTNERS. And it’s also why you’ll always find a wide-variety of technical sessions available. It’s what how we started and what we love. And there is more variety than ever before.

Be sure to check out the complete session catalog to find the perfect session for your agenda, but make sure that you put these speakers and sessions on your list to start with.


1. Born to Be Parallel, and Beyond: Roots of Teradata Performance Parts, 1 and II and Dynamic Statistics: Better Plans, Faster Executions for QueryGrid Queries

“I can always rely on Carrie to present a useful and interesting session.” “Thank goodness for Carrie. I can rely on her for interesting and valuable insights. I will go back and model her information as she suggested.” That’s what just two previous attendees went out of their way to share about Carrie Ballinger’s presentations. For 2016, she’s covering two topics in three sessions that you don’t want to miss, including a deep dive into how Teradata’s original foundation continues to be viable and fuel success. That's why we're giving them equal billing as our first choices in technical sessions.

View Session 0296 | View Session 0159

2. CISOs: Sleep Like a Baby While Hackers Try to Steal Your High Value Data

If you’re not a little bit nervous about data security, then you’re probably not thinking about it enough. But we can’t waste time worrying about it unnecessarily. Discover the keys you need to make hacking your data so difficult that criminals will look elsewhere and practices you can share with your team to maintain that safety.

View Session 0757

3. Transforming R Into an Enterprise Level Tool for Multi-Genre Analytics

Two words: virtual objects. That’s what enables users to manage and navigate data on distant data sources as if they were normal R objects and to execute big data analytic processes without skills or coding structures that seem arcane to normal R users. Join early adopters from Wells Fargo and Teradata as they explain their path to using R with enterprise level data, parallel processing, and multi-genre analytics.

View Session 0705

4. Presto: One Year with an Open Source SQL Engine

Yeah, yeah, we know you’re on Facebook. Or you have your own personal reasons not to be. But are you in the Presto Community, the open source SQL engine, originally created by Facebook? With a rapidly growing community of users that includes Airbnb, Finra, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber you’ll need a better excuse than “my mom is on Presto” to skip this one. But if she is, definitely bring her to PARTNERS. We’d love to meet her.

View Session 0436

5. Expose your Ecosystem to Mobile

If you take a second to lift your head up from your mobile device, you'll realize that everyone else is looking at their mobile device. The world really is mobile—and you need to be as well. Exposing your application/ecosystem to mobile devices has never been easier. This session walks through the use case, configuration, and coding required to hook your mobile device up to your system, including a simple interface to leverage data in a Hadoop cluster in support of deep sensor history. How would you like that? Until then, back to Pokémon™ ...

View Session 0642

Obviously this is just a small sampling of the technical sessions available. Be sure to check out the session catalog to build your perfect agenda. And don’t forget: you won't be able to attend every session you want to, time just won't allow it. But you will be able to access recorded sessions for 90 days after the event and download copies of the presentations with your login afterwards.

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