Jul 15, 2016 Five Must See Business Data Sessions at Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016

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Because real users have the largest hand in selecting the sessions, it’s no surprise that sessions are the biggest draw to PARTNERS. You’ll get applied information, strategies and predictions based on real-world experience and observations.

But there’s so much to see at PARTNERS, deciding which sessions to attend can be nearly paralyzing. Put your fear of missing out to rest. While all of the sessions and presenters were selected for their unique specific offerings, consider these as a starting point for creating your agenda.


1. The Analytics Of Things

“I never miss a Bill Franks session.” That’s what past PARTNERS Steering Committee President, Kathy Koontz said, “He’s such a great combination of deep subject matter expertise, broad perspective, and really great personality.” Mr. Franks will feature in several sessions, but this one should be on your list if sensors and IOT are going to impact your organization—and they likely are. As the presenter reveals, “By the end of the talk, attendees will see why many are calling it The Analytics of Things (AOT) rather than IOT.”

Session ID: 302 | Session Type: Breakout | Track / Sub Track: Technical - Internet of Things, Sensor Data | Audience Level: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced | Industry: Horizontal (appropriate for all industries)

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2. Blizzard: Conquering the World of Warcraft with Big Data

World of Warcraft (WoW) is the most popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in the universe. Combine that with a session by Stephen Brobst and you have a recipe for one stellar session. Discover how Blizzard uses both art and data science to create games such as WoW. You’ll see how every shot fired, treasure found, and piece of gold spent is included in the vast amount of data collected and used to create a great gaming experience and rabid subscribers.

Session ID: 589 | Session Type: Breakout | Sub Track: Business - Big Data vs. BI | Audience Level: Introductory, Intermediate | Industry: Media & Entertainment

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3. Global Spend Analytics at McCain Foods – a TAS Project Runway Success

You don’t become a world leader in French fry production by accident. Getting into that leadership position and staying there requires a lot of moving pieces, and of course, spending. To help McCain better plan and manage their Global Spend, McCain Foods implemented a successful Procurement project as part of their multi-phased TAS journey. Hear what Procurement provided and lessons learned during this critical first phase of a multi-phased project.

Session ID: 675 | Session Type: Breakout | Track / Sub Track: Business - Data Monetization | Audience Level: Introductory | Industry: Horizontal (appropriate for all industries)

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4. Big Data Costs Money, Big Analytics Makes Money

Have you heard about big data? That’s a joke folks. But while big data has captured the hype of the market for the past few years, many companies have yet to generate value from it. And that’s not funny. One reason is that many companies have focused on data and the three V's; Variety, Velocity, and Volume. What many companies fail to focus on as a first step is Value. But not all companies make this mistake. This session will reveal several examples of how Big Analytics are driving differentiated business value.

Session ID: 737 | Session Type: Breakout | Track / Sub Track: Business - Advanced Analytics | Audience Level: Introductory, Intermediate | Industry: Horizontal (appropriate for all industries)

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5. Improving Quality of Life with Big Data Analytics

It’s often too easy to look past issues and accept things as “just how they are.” But data doesn’t do that. Neither do effective leaders. In President Barack Obama's first term, Stephen Brobst served on the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) in the area of Network and Information Technology R&D (NITRD). Their task: to make recommendations on how to best improve the quality of life for U.S. citizens. This workshop will discuss the findings of the committee and why big data is so important for all U.S. citizens.

Session ID: 772 | Session Type: Breakout | Track / Sub Track: Business - Futures | Audience Level: Introductory, Intermediate,Advanced | Industry: Horizontal (appropriate for all industries)

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And don’t forget: you’ll be able to access recorded sessions for 90 days after the event and download copies of the presentations with your login after the event.

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