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Make no mistake, the amusement park in Anaheim is great, but there is much more to discover in Anaheim—the Center City for example. Part of a revitalized historic district in downtown, the Center City offers a place to stroll and explore something different and be a part of the local vibe.

The refurbished Anaheim Packing house, and historical Center St. Promenade, just a hop, skip and a jump away, have become the central hub for gathering and activities in the area. And it’s easy to see why. The Packing House hosts more than 20 different artisan eateries and live music. The Promenade offers outdoor cafes, boutiques and an eclectic group of artists. Whatever you’re looking for (other than roller coasters) you’re bound to find it here. Here are just a few of the food and beverage options you’ll find there.

Go for Joe

Yes there will be coffee. Caffeine seems to be the lifeblood of every conference and PARTNERS is no exception. For a different brew, check out these shops.

Pandora Bakery

If you’re looking for a cup of half-hearted swill, don’t go to Pandora Bakery. If, however, you’re looking for an artisanal crafted coffee experience, this is the place for you. Paired with fresh pastries and baked goods, it’s tough to beat.

Pop Bar

Need to chill, literally? Hop into the Pop Bar for a Popaccino , featuring a “premium Caramel Coffee Blend popped with Chocolate Flakes.”

Ink and Bean

If you want to reflect and get some work done, there’s no better place than the Ink & Bean Coffee Saloon and Wordshop, where you can “Drink Write Here.”

Sandwich These into Your Agenda

Something about a sandwich makes it the perfect bite when you’re out and about in the open air, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ordinary. These local favorites are taking sandwiches to new places and tastes with a side of style.

The Black Sheep

Take everything you think you know about grilled cheese and throw it away, the Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar will set your taste buds and expectations higher.

The Kroft

Take your favorite comfort foods, throw in a Canadian-French twist with a local California organic sentiment, and you’re starting to get a picture of what The Kroft is after, but you’ll really have to taste it.

The Iron Press

Waffles—they’re not just for breakfast anymore! The Iron Press is taking their waffle irons to places you’ve never imagined, from savory sandwiches to scrumptious desserts, it’s a new way of thinking.

Tony’s Original Deli

Sometimes you can’t beat great slices of meat piled high on a great piece of bread. And by sometimes, we mean anytime. Looking for an old-school deli experience with pastrami? [Tony’s Original Deli]( ) is the place.

The Gypsy Den

If piles of meat sound great to you, but not your vegan friends, check out the Gypsy Den. Here, tantalizing veggie burgers live peacefully side-by-side with carved roast beef and other items.

Prost to Anaheim

The craft brewery sensation crossing the nation didn’t miss Anaheim. Check out these favorites for local pours of great brews.

The Anaheim Brewery

With a full range of styles and emphasis on quality and traditional techniques, the Anaheim Brewery offers something for everyone that likes beer.

The Unsung Brewing Company

Attention to detail might best describe the Unsung Brewing Company, where their process and recipes “reflects a blending of Midwest heritage with West Coast progression.”

More to Discover

These are just starting points for your adventures away from the conference and the park. Not that you have to leave the conference, but if you have the time, get out and see the local sites. You’ll be impressed!

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