Apr 17, 2017 Is This Your Year? Celebrate Your Epic Work at the 2017 EPIC Awards

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Do you know a professional doing EPIC work in your industry? Maybe it’s you. Every day, business leaders, analysts, and data scientists are engaged in exceptional endeavors that are driving excellence in their industries.


The Teradata Epic Awards, now in its 10th year, seeks to recognize these innovative minds during the EPIC Awards ceremony at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference. This year’s awards ceremony will be held October 23, 2017, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The PARTNERS Conference is the premier, global data and analytics conference, led by customers for customers. The EPIC Awards are the capstone to the conference, capturing the spirit of the event by celebrating today’s sharpest minds and inspiring future innovation. Here are some highlights from the orange carpet at last year’s awards ceremony.

Recognizing Innovation and Excellence

“It is a great evening,” said Mikael Bisgaard-Bohr, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer for Teradata, “and we’re really honored to celebrate our customers, because the success of our customers is the foundation of our success.”

It’s a sentiment shared by the entire leadership team at Teradata. “We wouldn’t be anybody without our customers,” said Oliver Ratzesberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for Teradata. “They take our technology and bring it to life. They do amazing things.”

EPIC Award winners are recognized for their innovation and reputation for excellence both inside and outside of their industries. Entries can be sent in by nominees themselves, or submitted by their PR firm, alliance partners, or Global Integration and Consulting Partner. If a partner firm wants to make an entry naming a customer, they must have permission from that customer to do so.

“There are various categories,” continues Ratzesberger, “and nominees are evaluated by a panel of independent judges. Some of these judges are CIOs, some are VPs, and some are business executives. Ultimately, they choose the winners. We have customers who come here from around the globe, specifically for this event. They are so ecstatic about being nominated, and the winners, oh! They celebrate this.”


Enter to Win

Entry forms can be found at All submissions should include a succinct overview of the challenges the entrant faced, the project objectives, the solution deployed and impact on the organization and architecture, as well as the business outcome tailored to the category entered. Entries must be received by midnight U.S. Pacific Time on June 16, 2017, and will be notified about their status in mid-August.

“This is an award we give to customers who’ve done really innovative stuff,” said Victor Lund, President and CEO of Teradata, “and it’s great fun. They’re excited to get to it, and so are we.”

For more information about the categories and awards, visit For questions, assistance in writing your entry, or general program information, email

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