May 30, 2017 The Cloud is Sexy – You Need Protection

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PARTNERS 2016 Panel Discussion Tackled the Realities of Cloud

*The following is based on notes from the Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016 in Atlanta.*

If there has been a buzzword in the data and analytics world that has received as much attention as “big data” it is “cloud.” It’s fresh. It’s hot. It’s full of potential. And like a hacked celebrity phone full of pictures, people can’t stop talking about it, even when they don’t fully understand what they are talking about. The result is that myths and misconceptions can arise and be difficult to dispel.

No one will deny that cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations around the world manage their business and data. At the same time, it has brought a unique set of concerns, especially when it comes to security. Some businesses have been quick to embrace the scope and convenience of the cloud, while others are not so sure. They have heard about rumored data breaches, cybercrime, and cloud computing myths. They need to understand more before they proceed.

That’s what is great about PARTNERS. Not only will you hear, meet and connect with people that actually know what they’re talking about, they are actually applying it right now. It’s not theory, it’s real life. That’s what happened in Atlanta in 2016 regarding the cloud.

Gathering the Experts

Because there are, and continue to be, so many questions around cloud, PARTNERS pulled together a team of experienced experts for a panel discussion, “The Cloud is Sexy … You Need Protection.” Their mission was to shed light on how they view and approach the cloud. It was an all-star lineup of talent and companies, including GameStop, Meredith, Ticketmaster and Teradata Managed Cloud.

Compliance, Subpoenas and Who’s Responsible

Continuous questions rang out through the lively session as the panel addressed everything from what to do if your data is subpoenaed to compliance objectives to evaluating cloud service providers.

One of the most common assumptions is that security is a cloud problem. That myth was quickly laid to rest by the panel: “None of the major (consumer data) breaches that everyone remembers happened in the cloud. But that doesn’t mean it’s a checkbox.” You still have to be vigilant.

The panel addressed questions surrounding who is responsible. The panel explained that when it’s on premise, it’s clearly your responsibility. When it’s on the cloud, for instance, things aren’t so different. With one of the most popular web services, they explained, “They provide you tools and it’s your responsibility for you to know (what’s happening with your data).”

That brought them to another common misconception, “Once it’s up, it’s hands off.” That’s not true. You should still use best practices from a database administration standpoint. That is one thing that is unlikely to ever change.

Continuous Learning About Cloud40+ Sessions on the Slate for 2017

One thing for sure: Cloud is only getting bigger and more critical to operations. If you missed the discussion in 2016, don’t worry. You can get up to speed with more than 40 individual sessions on and around the cloud at Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2017.

View all of the sessions and be sure to register. The cloud is still sexy, and it’s here to stay.

Questions/Comments about the 2016 presentation

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The Cloud Is Sexy ... You Need Protection!

Session ID: 370 | Presented By: Michel Romanino – Teradata

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