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Women in Big Data Tech at PARTNERS

For the first time, the Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016 will feature someone not directly affiliated with the user group as a tech expert emcee for the General Keynote Session. While that is new, it should come as no surprise that guest selected, Katie Linendoll, is a woman.


Teradata and the PARTNERS User Group have a long history of striving for diversity and inclusion at all levels. In fact, for three of the last four years, women have held the position of PARTNERS Steering Committee President. Because the PARTNERS sessions and steering committee membership process has always been extremely inclusive and egalitarian—we’re always looking for the best across a wide spectrum—you can fully expect to see that trend continue as more and more women take tech roles around the world and across the enterprise.

Here are just a few of the women who are currently involved in influential roles in the Teradata PARTNERS Conference or have done so in the past.

Katie Linendoll, Tech Expert, Emmy Winning TV Personality and Writer

As emcee for the General Session Keynotes, Katie Linendoll will offer additional insight and perspective she has gathered as a tech expert and media personality. In 2015, she was named a visionary in Silicon Valley during the 18th Annual SVForum Visionary Awards, a distinction that in previous years has included Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Tim Draper. She is best known for her role as a tech contributor on the TODAY Show, but every week you’ll find her contributing to numerous outlets as she explores the latest tech stories across the world.

Cynthia Czabala, 2016 President

In her day job, Cynthia is the Vice President of Data Services at IHG. She is responsible for the Data Strategy, Data Architecture and the delivery and support of reporting and analytic applications within Global Technology. She and her team are developing the roadmap and strategy around IHG’s enterprise data and analytics. Her responsibilities include the development of best practices around data design and data quality.

As the PARTNERS President, she is very involved in selecting sessions. “I’m looking for relevance. I’m looking for real-life examples,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons that we prefer the customer stories. Customer stories are the good, the bad, and the ugly of what really happened. I like hearing what they are doing in the analytics eco systems and the different things that they are trying, what’s working for them, what’s not working for them. We’re always trying to learn and that input helps me make my decisions about what we are going to do here at IHG.”

Kathy Koontz, 2014 President

The former Associate Vice President, Customer Information Management at Nationwide Insurance, now with Teradata, Kathy has literally experienced the PARTNERS conference and big data from every angle. “I have always felt that PARTNERS had the [best combination of breadth]( ) and detail. It was important for me when I was a technologist to go with my business partners. And now that I’m on the business side, it's important to be there with my technology partners so that we can learn together. It’s ‘Okay, here’s a great new idea I can learn as a business person, and oh, by the way, technology partner, here are the practices and tools and techniques that can actually make that implemented at my organization.’”

From that start Kathy got involved with the Teradata Marketing Applications PAC and worked on that for several years. “I really had a passion for trying to develop the content of the conference and making sure that it was continuing to meet the needs of practitioners that were out in the field.” That passion led her to ultimately serve as PARTNERS Steering Committee President in 2014. For Kathy, “selecting the content for all the sessions—that’s the best part!”

Susan Watson, 2012 President

When Susan Watson served PARTNERS president, she was also the Director of Enterprise Customer Data at Cardinal Health. A strategic and visionary leader who embraced a changing business culture, her career history placed her into companies and situations where change and innovation were needed for more than 20 years.

Her responsibilities included spearheading the cross-organizational strategic initiatives for enterprise customer data, including leading enterprise customer governance initiatives, customer set-up and maintenance for medical customers and bringing together enterprise-wide customer data to support downstream environments and customer analytics.

When it comes to PARTNERS she had this advice. “Make the most of your conference experience. Immerse yourself in the action-packed agenda. Ask questions. Dive into workshops. Check out game-changing products and services. And take advantage of the endless networking opportunities with thousands of people just like you.” It’s hard to argue with that advice.

They’re Not Alone

Whether you are attending sessions or walking the conference floor, you’ll find that technology-savvy women in tech are well represented at PARTNERS. If you’re interested in providing your perspective to the conference, consider joining. That is after you register for this year’s event of course.

Women Presenting Sessions at Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016

The following list is just a quick survey of women presenting this year.

  • Allision Tores – Teradata, Solutions Architect
  • Betsy Cherian – Teradata
  • Brigid Hayes – Procter & Gamble
  • Carrie Ballinger - Teradata
  • Carrie Johnson – AT&T
  • Catie Williams – Kiewit Corporation
  • Cheryl Wiebe – Think Big, A Teradata Company
  • Claudia Imhoff – Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
  • Deborah Seys – eBay
  • Emily Winchell – Teradata
  • Evelyn Lawson – Wells Fargo
  • Francine Grimmer – Teradata
  • Hannah Chen – Teradata Aster
  • Kimberly Choate – IHG
  • Kristi O’Gady – Teradata
  • Linda Chappell – Teradata
  • Madhur Kohli – Teradata
  • Michelle Tanco – Teradata
  • Minglin Chang – T-Mobile
  • Olga Lappin – Verizon Wireless
  • Patty Stubel – Expedia
  • Rhonda Ogilvie – Group Health
  • Susan Baskin – Teradata
  • Trina Henderson – American Cancer Society
  • Weicheng Liu – Wells Fargo
  • Yvonne Quacken – Siemens AG
  • Yenny Yang – Teradata
  • Ying Zhao – Wells Fargo

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