Aug 19, 2016 Big Data and Data Science Sessions

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Five Must-See Big Data and Analytics Sessions

Every year, PARTNERS delivers the most innovative data practitioners with real experience around the hottest topics. That means attendees get to see and understand how these practitioners are implementing and developing new strategies to overcome their biggest challenges.

This year, some of the hottest topics include:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Data Lakes
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Discovery
  • Hadoop
  • Open Source Integration

The following are just five of the sessions for big data practitioners and data scientist, be sure to check out the session catalog for the complete list.

1. What's Really Trending? Detecting Early Signals in Large-Scale Text Data

Session 0773

Wouldn't you like to know what issues and topics are about to become important to your organization? In many cases you can. Much like a great surfer can read the ocean to identify and catch the perfect wave, your organization's free text (unstructured) data—emails, social media, problem reports, and customer service logs can provide insight into important trends. With that knowledge you can react and accelerate your decisions. See how organizations are doing exactly that right now.

2. The Last Mile Why Hadoop Management Is Critical to Success

Session 0653

New tech and data are exciting. But it's also a lot of work. That's what many discover with Hadoop when the consultants go home. The trick isn't just getting your data in Hadoop once, it's a continual daily effort to monitor, govern, maintain, and secure one of your most important business assets. Learn how to run a Hadoop environment with optimum performance and security in mind so that your open source efforts start—and stay—successful.

3. Smart City/Smart Grid Analytics of Things

Session 0553

The future is really here. You've heard all about the various self-driving cars, but Smart Cities are poised to make big strides toward improving the efficiency, safety, and quality of life for residents. Learn how Analytics of Things have been applied to build a comprehensive digital map of power activity, characterize the operations of the grid with visual, analytics that show hot spots, pending alerts, and real time responses. See a demonstration of the use and application of real smart grid circuit, event, failure data to help a city, or any large power customer, monitor usage, track trends, and alert. It's going to be a brave—and smart—new world.

4. Govern and Manage Your Data Lake

Session 0167

Data lake. The name sounds serene. But much like a real lake, the calm on the surface doesn't tell the whole story of what is going on below that can be anything but peaceful. Join some of the most experienced data experts (you'll recognize the company name) as they go through their firsthand experience on how to manage and purify the data lake and enable disciplined innovation through eight critical steps.

5. Big Data Costs Money, Big Analytics Makes Money

Session 0737

There has been a rush to Big Data that has captured the hype of the market. But now what? Many companies have yet to generate value from it. That's because data by itself is worthless until you analyze it. While many companies were focused on three V's—Variety, Velocity, and Volume—they failed to focus on a fourth V, Value. But not all of them have made that mistake. This session will review several examples of how Big Analytics are driving differentiated business value for successful companies.

PARTNERS offers something for the entire data enterprise—that's why so many companies send teams to take advantage of all of the knowledge here. Check out the special events, share sessions with your associates and register to connect with one of most advanced data communities on the planet.


See sessions for Data Analyst/Scientist.

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