May 15, 2017 10 Tips for First-Time Teradata PARTNERS Conference Attendees

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1. Book your hotel early!

The conference hotel and nearby alternatives fill up quickly. Book early through the conference website to ensure you don’t end up staying miles away.

2. Think about what you want to get out of the conference BEFORE you go.

Having a goal in mind will help you plan your daily schedule and optimize your time.

3. Plan ahead!

There’s so much to see and do at PARTNERS that it’s important to make your agenda ahead of time. Coordinate your schedule with colleagues so that you can collectively cover as many sessions as possible, then compare notes about any content you missed.

4. Use the PARTNERS mobile app!

The conference mobile app has everything you need for a successful conference—agenda, maps, ratings, presentations—and it’s available for both iPhone® and Android™.

5. Network. Network. Network.

Networking is a huge part of the conference, so be sure to come to the new attendee reception, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone you meet! Also get connected to Peer Advantage, which is an easy and powerful way to meet other attendees. Share your contact info in the mobile app and bring business cards for in-person connections.

6. Schedule time to meet the vendors in the showcase area.

Walking around the event hall is a great way to find and demo new solutions for your business challenges. We recommend setting aside a specific date and time for browsing the hall.

7. Bring a light jacket.

Regardless of your internal temperature or the outside weather, the meeting rooms can be chilly. Bring a light jacket with you just in case.

8. Breakfast really is important.

The conference starts early, with exceptional content scheduled during our morning sessions. Ensure you hop out of bed in time to grab some breakfast to fuel your day and make it on time to that first session.

9. Plan to be on site Sunday morning.

The conference really starts Sunday morning. The Sunday morning Master Series content is excellent, as are events like Teradata Cares (Tuesday) and the Student Showcase (Saturday) that you should not miss (200 grad students in one place—recruiting!).

10. Thursday is a ½ day and it’s all technical.

Don’t take off early on Thursday if you’re here for the technical stuff. While we have tech sessions scheduled all week, we’ve reserved Thursday morning exclusively for some of the best tech content. It’s worth the wait!


The Gala event on Wednesday night is a ton of fun, so don’t party too hard during the week and miss it. Pace yourself!

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