Big Data Sessions

Driving What’s Next

Big data and analytics professionals know that this industry is driving what’s next for big business. The Teradata PARTNERS Conference brings together leading visionaries in big data and analytics to share ideas, brainstorm solutions, and learn from one another to power the future.

Focus on the Big Picture–Not Vendor Agendas

Powerful Strategies

  • Uncover strategies for using data and analytics to predict early signs of “the next big thing” so your organization can get ahead of it
  • Discover how technology leaders are using big data and analytics to make their organizations more efficient and process data more quickly
  • Connect with the most brilliant minds in your industry at numerous networking events where you can share challenges and brainstorm solutions

Practical Skills

  • Hands-on training opportunities give big data professionals the ability to explore, test, and question new tools and technologies
  • See how you can apply real-time and advanced analytics to solve challenges at your organization
  • Get up to speed on how best-in-class organizations implement, maintain, and refine their big data architecture

Sample Topics and Sessions

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Big Data Architecture | Data Science-driven Organizations | Data Visualization | Hadoop | Internet of Things | Text and Predictive Analytics


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