Strategies, Functionality, and Tips from Top Data Practitioners

Do you want to connect with the smartest and most innovative data practitioners from top brands?

Would it benefit your organization and career to understand their best implementation and operational practices?

If you answered yes, the technical sessions at PARTNERS are for you.

Customers play a starring role in selecting content, ensuring that what you’ll see and hear is relevant to your needs. What you’ll receive is a huge dose of sharing strategies, functionality, implementation and operational tips from real-practitioners and technical experts. You won’t find a greater concentration of innovators doing great work with data. And you won’t find a sales pitch disguised as a session.

Technical Topics

Every year PARTNERS looks for companies and presenters that are leading the way in data technology trends. We search for and find who’s doing it right, then bring that information to you.

A sampling of topics from 2017 include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Business Intelligence Technologies

Cloud Computing & Analytics


Data Governance

Data Visualization

Development Methodologies

Mobile-Digitization Integration